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Building Energy Efficiency Program——Xintang Center



Since 2006, in order to guide, promote and regulate the development of green buildings, Chinese government has successively introduced the development policy system of green buildings, which has promoted the development of China's construction industry and the improvement of the urban residential environment. The development of green small towns and green ecological urban areas, especially the construction of new areas/new towns and central urban areas, has become an important development trend.

In response to the Chinese government's green building promotion policy, the Southern New- Town Community Cultural Center (hereinafter referred to as “Xintang Center”) adopts the green building design and construction concept. With a building area of about 8,677 square meters, it was completed in 2015. In the early stage, it showcased the planning and green building technology of Tanggu Bay Ecological New Town. And in the later stage, it will transfer into a community cultural activity center. In terms of design, Xintang Center adopts the concept of passive design in first priority and uses the active technology for optimization. Innovatively used the decorative concrete light hanging wallboard, gaining the three-star green building design logo and many other certification and rewards. In the same time, the project used ground-source heat pump system, photovoltaic power generation system, water reuse, vertical farming, energy monitoring and management platform, smart data platform, sponge city and other systems and concepts. Xintang Center is fully developed and operated by China Construction Xintang (Tianjin) Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CSCEC Xintang”), realizing a new industrial model from land development to real estate development to urban operation, and establishing a long-term operation subject and relevant operation specifications. In the later stage of construction and operation, we strictly carried out the preliminary planning and design, monitored the energy consumption data in real time during the operation, and developed a series of quantitative indicators to optimize the operation conditions of the building. The incremental cost of green building of this project is low, and the payback period of static investment is about 10 years. The experience of Xintang Center has a good promotion value among the economies in the temperate and cold regions of APEC region.


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