Research Work

Project Introduction

There are totally 13 coal producers or consumers in the APEC 21 economies. It is crucial to promote clean and efficient use of coal technology. Especially CCT has great potential in international cooperation. CCT in China has large industry scale, innovative technology and highly commercialized industrial chain.

In order to enhance international status of China in energy filed, China has to strongly promote CCT and encourage international partners deeply understand the development status and advantages of Chinese CCT. On the other hand, promote Chinese technology; product and industry standard in energy field to enter global market. APSEC sets up CCT as one of pillar program.

China is the largest country in the world that producing and consuming coal. According to “13th Five-Year" energy development planning, China's coal energy accounted for 64% of the energy structure and thermal coal accounting for 49% of total coal consumption by 2015. To promote Clean Coal Technology (CCT), especially clean coal-fired power generation is the key for establish clean low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.


In 2016, National Energy Administration (NEA) carried out Multi-Energy Integration Optimization Project which is the essential aspect to optimize comprehensive efficiency of energy system; improve coordinate ability of energy supply, optimize absorptive capacity of clean fossil energy and renewable energy. The project operation management mechanism will be established in CCT project and conduct research on “clean coal technology transfer”; “clean coal-fired power-renewable energy”; “Integrated multi-energy system” and “clean and efficient coal-fired power generation technology”. Establish intelligent energy information management platform, organize technical training & expert workshop and publish monograph and high level academic papers.

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