Research Work

Project Introduction

Study on the Cost-Effective Renewable Energy-Supply Solutions based on Innovative Solar Technologies to Promote Green Buildings in APEC Region-EWG 03 2016A 

Project Description and Background 

Energy consumption from buildings account for about 40% of global energy consumption; therefore renewable energy-supply solutions for buildings will greatly contribute to energy efficiency and energy security of Asia-Pacific region. Responding to 2015 APEC Energy Ministers’ instruction for the EWG to “explore strategies to drive the shift towards green buildings including zero energy buildings”, this project seeks to foster APEC members’ collaborative efforts in developing cost-effective renewable energy-supply solutions based on innovative solar technologies for green buildings in APEC region. 

This project aims to develop recommendations for application of innovative solar technologies in green buildings to Asia Pacific’s various climatic regions, share information on relevant technologies, and promote energy efficiency of APEC region. A workshop with experts and attendance from renewable energy and green buildings field will be held in China in April 2017. A final research report on RE solutions for green buildings in APEC Region will be submitted. 

Project Objectives 

The Project Objectives of EWG 03/2016A are: 

· To develop recommendations on technical solutions for promoting advanced solar applications in green buildings to Asia Pacific’s various climatic regions. 

· To make all partners clear about possible sustainable building energy-supply solutions and to enhance understanding of the innovative solar technologies by sharing results and experiences. 

· To build interest of governments, investors, architect, manufacturers of building cladding products and photovoltaic companies in the innovative solar technologies and their applications for green buildings including zero energy buildings. 

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