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APSEC Participated in Power Week Asia in Singapore

Vice President of APSEC, Prof Jinlong Ma was invited to participate in Power Week Asia in Singapore, 11-13 November. The annual international conference & summit, designed for the energy and electric power industry, provides opportunities grabbing recent regional energy development and discussing key issues and strategies among the main stakeholders of the energy sector.

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The emergency of climate change and challenges faced by the energy sector were among the main focus of the event. At the main conference, Prof Ma presented integrated system approach, from technologies and policies to case studies, to support effective energy transition and accelerate renewable energy uptake in Asia-Pacific region. At panel session, Prof Ma chaired the discussion on Energy Mix Optimization in Asia. Under the regional circumstance, the factors affecting renewable energy penetration were actively discussed, including energy policy, financing, electricity market, technology such as CCSU and blockchain applications. The panel members of the session were senior management and executives of utility and generators.


Power Week Asia featured more than 20 engaging sessions and 6 workshops, covering global energy outlook, solar technology, energy storage, grid technologies, digitalisation, power grid, investment and financing and energy market. The participants of the event were from national power companies, government regulators, policy makers, IPPs, and investors around the globe.

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