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Workshop on Innovation and Cooperation of APEC Centers and Long-Term Mechanisms

On 4th -5th November, APEC Workshop on Innovation and Cooperation of APEC Centers and Long-Term Mechanisms was held by APEC Center for Technology Transfer (APECTT) in Nan Lin hotel, Suzhou, China which guide by APEC's Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI). This workshop provides an opportunity to all participated APEC center to discuss cross-fora collaboration.

The workshop was attended by delegates from APEC Secretariat and 10 APEC centers that including Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP); APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Science (ACES); APEC Center for Technology Transfer (APECTT); APEC Climate Center, (APCC); APEC Mentoring Center for the Gifted in Science (AMGS); Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet); Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network (APMEN) and APEC Sustainable Energy Center (APSEC). At the same time, global think-tank—Science and Technology Policy Institute and two Chinese organization, International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) and Di Di also participated the workshop.

During the speech session, Mr. Shan Liu on behalf of APSEC to present case of APEC project——Demonstration and Promotion of Energy Resilience tool based on Solar-Powered Emergency Shelter Solutions (SPESS) for Natural Disaster in APEC (EWG13 2019A), an energy resilient tool provides solution on post disaster resettlement. APSEC proposes to collaborate with ACES on joint research in early warning of natural disaster and AMGS on school-based training about disaster relief.


After group discussion, EWG13 2019A has been selected as an excellent case on inspiration award which could inspire more cooperation among APEC centers to build a long-term mechanism. 


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