Cooperation Platform

APSEC International Training Base

Northern Customer Service Center (NCSC) is a centralized and unified “95598” call center, the largest power intelligent interactive service and e-commerce website, the energy saving and electric vehicle display and experience base, the state grid collection service platform for power tariff collection and national grid power supply service technology research and development base. Both the north and south park implemented the first "Local Energy Interconnection" in the same time and established the "Smart Service Innovation Park". The whole park has obtained the three-star green building design and operation evaluation mark authentication.

In order to promote Northern Customer Service Center’s experience in the APEC region, APSEC and the customer service center jointly established "APSEC International Training Base – The Northern Customer Service Center". The training base provides a platform for capacity building in the APEC region. And will allow relevant personnel from APEC economies to visit for exchanges as well as technical training. It will enhance the promote and transfer of relevant technologies and concepts in other economies in the APEC region.

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