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APSEC, as the first international organization led by National Energy Administration, one of the important tasks is to provide high-quality and integrated services for China's international energy cooperation. On the one hand, APSEC carries out Study on the progress and trends of energy cooperation in the APEC region based on the needs of APEC economies to promote China's advanced and practical energy technologies, equipment, services and standards to grow their international presence in a hierarchical and phased manner. On the other hand, APSEC pays close attention to APEC projects, activities and high-level meetings to compile the EWG News Letter Weekly, analyzes APEC and world energy hotspot issues to compile Analysis of Current Situation and Trends of Energy Cooperation in the APEC Region annually. APSEC regularly reports to National Energy Administration regularly on study results and achievement, provides support for National Energy Administration to carry out APEC energy cooperation.

In order to further standardize the Chinese Participation in APEC Energy Cooperation, promote Chinese cooperation in APEC Energy Working Group and enhance the impact of work achievements, in September 2017, National Energy Administration issued the Notice on the Member List of the Network of Chinese Participation in APEC Energy Cooperation, which marks the official establishment of the Network of Chinese Participation in APEC Energy Cooperation (network for short) and announces the first batch of 36 units in the network. In 2019, the National Energy Administration conducted network members’ re-confirmation and supplement, reviewed the applicant units, screened out 42 units that met the requirements as members of the network, and appointed 7 units as Chinese counterparts of expert groups and task forces under APEC Energy Working Group.

As the secretariat, APEC Sustainable Energy Center is entrusted by the National Energy Administration to undertake the daily management and coordination of the network.


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