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Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Sustainable Energy Center (APSEC) was established during the 11th APEC Energy Ministerial Meeting at Diaoyutai State Guest House on September 2, 2014, which marks another important step forward in China's participation in international energy cooperation under the APEC mechanism. As the first international organization led by National Energy Administration (NEA), APSEC was written into the Beijing Agenda, the outcome document for the 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting at Yanqi Lake.

As one of the two major research entities of APEC in the field of energy, APSEC received the guidance of APEC Energy Working Group (EWG) and implemented the APEC EWG Strategic Plan directly. In order to comprehensively promote research on low-carbon energy transition, sustainable city development as well as clean and efficient energy use, APEC Cooperative Network of Sustainable Cities (CNSC), Clean Coal Technology Transfer in the Asia-Pacific Region (CCT) and Asia-Pacific Energy Transition Solutions (ETS) were set up as the three pillar programs of APSEC to deeply carry out the sustainable energy technology exchange and cooperation within APEC economies. Moreover, APSEC has continued to build and maintain intellectual networks and information platforms, created flagship events and publications, and pragmatically promoted the coordinated and sustainable development of energy and environment in the APEC region through APEC Projects implementation, joint research, project cooperation and training on policy and technology.

In September 2014, NEA signed a cooperative agreement with Tianjin University, entrusting Tianjin University with the operation and management of APSEC. During the first five years, APSEC was highly valued by NEA and Tianjin University and received strong support in terms of space and staffing, funding and project application, partner connecting, and international influence expansion. After five years' construction and development, and the effective implementation of the first Five-year Work Plan of APSEC, institution building, pillar programs, think tank services and information platform were built up from nothing. APSEC also has achieved remarkable results in international exchanges, flagship events and research work, and has been recognized by APEC, which has accumulated various foundations and necessary supporting conditions for the second five-year development.

2020 is really special for the whole world. The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a huge impact and unprecedented challenges to China even the world's development. The way of human production and life is forced to change and adjust at an unprecedented speed. Therefore, we face both opportunities and challenges in this crisis year. The year 2020 is also a remarkable for APSEC, with the transformation that began in 2017 on the right track, and the support of all parties and the efforts of the team ensuring a good connection between the past and the future. NEA and Tianjin University renewed the cooperative agreement, the second Five-year Work Plan of APSEC was endorsed by NEA and APEC EWG respectively. The role of two international experts is becoming increasingly prominent. The energy transition and sustainable development work of serving local cities such as Zhangjiakou and Wuhai continues to advance, and the attention of international and domestic news reports has increased significantly, all of which have laid a solid foundation for the construction of APSEC's international high-level think tank.

In April 2015 and January 2020, recommended by Tianjin University, reviewed and appointed by NEA, I served as the first president of APSEC and was successfully reappointed. I have been dealing with APSEC for more than seven years, including 2 years of preparations, during which I have received support from leaders, assistance from friends at home and abroad made me always be grateful. "APSEC has done a great deal of groundbreaking work since its establishment, the work is getting better and better, the team has played an indispensable role in developing APEC cooperation for NEA, and Professor Li ZHU has become an APEC expert". "Thanks to the efforts of Prof. Li ZHU and all colleagues at the Center, APSEC has achieved remarkable results". These words of trust and affirmation made APSEC team tired but happy.

Stay True to the mission and forge ahead. At the this special time, APEC is planning for "post-2020" era, China is considering the 14th Five Year plan, we will also continue to do our best to build and develop APSEC during the second five-year period, striving to make it an internationally influential and internationally competitive research institution and an important platform for China's participation in global energy governance. APSEC, will always be the shining star on the APEC stage!


President of APEC Sustainable Energy Center

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