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APEC Sustainable Energy Center (APSEC) was established at the 11th APEC Energy Ministerial Meeting (EMM) during APEC China Year 2014. As one of the significant achievements in energy sector in APEC region, it was mentioned in the 22nd APEC Leaders’ Declaration—Beijing Agenda. As the first international energy organization guided by the National Energy Administration (NEA), APSEC has the dual task to serve regional energy cooperation and to support Chinese sustainable development projects.


Internationally, APEC Sustainable Energy Center (APSEC) is supervised by the Energy Working Group (EWG) established within the organizational structure of APEC. Domestically, APSEC is supervised by a Steering Committee which is composed of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, the National Energy Administration (NEA) and Tianjin University. Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC) established in 1995, which is guided by the Japanese government, and APEC Sustainable Energy Center (APSEC) have been created as two permanent research institutions.


During the past two years APEC Sustainable Energy Center (APESC) achieved remarkable results with the support of APEC, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs; National Energy Administration (NEA), Tianjin University, and other cooperation partners.


APEC Sustainable Energy Center (APSEC) is an affiliate of the National Energy Administration (NEA). Tianjin University is responsible for the daily operation and administrative management. Currently, APSEC has fixed office space; 12 fulltime employees (including 4 institution unit staff) and stable funding from Chinese government and Tianjin University.

APSEC has established the Tianjin University Academic Committee composed domestic experts and the APEC High Level Expert Advisory Committee to integrate high-end intellectual resources in the domestic and international energy fields, conduct research on major issues of low-carbon energy transformation and sustainable development and promote APEC sustainable cities. The implementation of the two pillars of the cooperative network and clean energy technology in the Asia-Pacific region has resulted in research results with international influence.

APSEC's annual APEC Workshop on Sustainable Cities organized by APSEC during the APEC-EWG meeting and  Asia Pacific Sustainable Energy Development Forum have become APSEC's international flagship brand. APSEC regularly provides technical training to Asia-Pacific underdeveloped economies, exports Chinese results, and has established long-term strategic cooperation with 20 well-known institutions in the APEC region.

As the first President of APSEC, recommended by Tianjin University and appointed by the National Energy Administration, I am honored to participate in and witness its difficult preparation, licensing and start-up. It is not easy to establish and grow APSEC. In a sense, it is a historical mission. After more than two years of experience, 2017 is a year of APSEC's strategic upgrade. The APEC Sustainable Energy Center Three-Year Action Plan was approved by the National Energy Administration and unanimously recognized by 21 APEC Energy Working Group economies.

For the next development stage, the leaders of the National Energy Administration (NEA) have proposed to transform APSEC into a world-class energy research center and a fist-class brand of Tianjin University. With this goal in mind, APSEC is encouraged to move forward and stick to its mission. I wish APSEC to develop better, faster and higher.

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