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APSEC Attended the 57th Meeting of the APEC Energy Working Group (EWG57) held in Taguig City, Philippines

On 23-24 May, the 57th Meeting of the APEC Energy Working Group (EWG57) was successfully held in Taguig City, Philippines. The meeting was co-chaired by Jyuung-Shiauu Chern, the Lead Shepherd of Energy Working Group and Mr. Patrick T. Aquino, the director Energy Policy and Planning Bureau, DOE, Philippines. Representatives from 16 member economies, 4 Expert Groups, 2 Task Forces, 2 research centers and APEC Business Advisory attended the meeting. APSEC, as one of the entity research centers under APEC EWG mechanism, attended this meeting and reported related working progress.


Li Zhu, the president of APSEC briefly introduced the progress, including the two pillar research programs, flagship events and activities related to APEC made since EWG56, as well as the work plan up to EWG58. Representatives as well as the EWG Lead Shepherd welcomed the results and progress achieved by APSEC so far and strongly supported APSEC to continue its contributions to EWG for the next 5-year period.


During the meeting, APSEC and the other delegates were informed about notable energy updates from member economies and research made by EWG Expert Groups and Task Forces. APSEC introduced the progress and work plan of the APEC self-funded projects. Since EWG56, APSEC has successfully applied for 6 APEC self-funded projects, one of which has been successfully completed. 

In order to further respond to APEC's 2015 initiative on Building Energy Resilient Communities, APSEC proposed a new APEC Funded project on “Demonstration and Promotion of Energy Resilience tool based on Solar-Powered Emergency Shelter Solutions (SPESS) for Natural Disaster in APEC”, which has received co-sponsorships from six economies, i.e. from Australia; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Papua New Guinea; the Philippines and Thailand.


APEC EWG meeting is held regularly twice a year and organized by APEC member economies in turn. APSEC, as a research center under EWG, participates in every working meeting as scheduled and reports on its progress.

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